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There I was, eager to look into affiliate marketing on YouTube, and all of a sudden, this John Crestani character popped up with this invitation to learn how to create an automated, online business. The rhythm of the beat and exotic super cars got my attention.

So who the heck is this Crestani character? And what is he about? Is he legit, or is this perhaps some form of a scam? I had to find out more about this guy, so I went ahead and took the bonus training and attended the webinars. I didn’t buy. Not because I wasn’t interested in what he had to say and taught, because on the contrary, I was. Just wasn’t sure if if was the good fit for me or not.

Just like yourself, this wasn’t the first online course I bought. And, yes, just like yourself, I’ve also bought courses where the hype was worth more than the content. You know, where after you buy a course, invested your money, heart, and time, only to finish it and thinking to yourself, “this is crap!”. Now, when this happens to me, a feeling of rage comes about. It’s not so much about the money because I don’t mind investing in myself. After all, I’m an entrepreneur and if it’s money well invested, I’m OK with it, but when the product is a waste of time, that’s something that really chaps my hide.

After a bit or research on his background, it turned out he was actually making real money from what he taught and not just another person teaching and profiting off courses. That is the first criteria for me and he did pass it. So, OK, let’s see what this John Crestani and Super Affiliate System is all about.

My name is Neng, and Here’s my John Crestani Super Affiliate System review below:


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